Maldives Housing Market Needs and Assessment Study

Location – Maldives
Client – Ministry of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure
Project Status – Ongoing

The Maldives Housing Market Needs and Assessment Study is part of the Maldives Urban Development and Resilient Project (MUDRP)  funded by the World Bank.

The objectives of the assignment are to:

(i) conduct a consumer research study to understand consumer housing needs, behaviours and preferences toward housing ownership, rental and/or home improvement through own capacity-to-pay and/or government support

(ii) assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the GoM social housing programs in meeting consumers’ housing needs

(iii) conduct a supply-side supply chain study to identify market gaps

(iv) develop a roadmap for affordable housing policy and programs by income segment and location.

The outcomes of this study would provide data, information and analysis as inputs for the GoM to fully develop its National Housing Policy, and a relevant roadmap for housing program provisioning, financing, investment and implementation.

The project was implemented in partnership with Affordable Housing Institute (AHI), USA. Riyan’s team led the consumer research to conduct a nationally representative survey to understand housing needs and demand of the Maldivian population. The team also worked closely with AHI for other outputs of the study.