Women’s Participation in the ICT Field in Maldives

Location – Maldives
Client – Ministry of Communication, Science, and Technology (MCST)
Project Status – Ongoing

The aim of this baseline study is to assess existing data and information on female participation in the field of ICT in the Maldives. It is a project initiated by the Ministry of Communication, Science, and Technology (MCST) as part of their efforts to improve the Maldives’ ICT sector.

The primary goal of this research is to determine the actual participation rate of women in ICT by considering different policies, participation rates in both the public and private sectors, and gathering perspectives from the education sector, in addition to evaluating women’s aspirations, interests, and challenges in the field.

This study explores the demand for workforce diversification in the Maldives’ ICT sector broadly by evaluating existing policies, as well as information dissemination services and the availability of gender transformative and inclusive education facilities.

In addition to that, the study will assess:

  1. Knowledge and gender equitable and non-discriminatory behavior of parents and care givers on ICT as field of education and career path
  2. Utilization of TVET Authority career guidance services among women from most marginalized/excluded communities
  3. Access of girls/boys to formal education with emphasis on tertiary education opportunities
  4. Assess of inclusive and gender-sensitive education governance at higher education level within island/city level
  5. Access and control of adolescent girls and young women over resources, financial services, and marketable skills
  6. How effectively adolescent girls and women are using ICT skills completing their daily tasks
  7. Adolescent girls and young women organized and taking leadership in decision making
  8. Difference in employee remuneration for same/similar skill set