About Us

Riyan Pvt. Ltd. is a leading multi-disciplinary consultancy firm based in the Maldives. Riyan was formed on 24th of July 1997 by a group of young graduates with a passion to create a multi-disciplinary design service combined with effective project management solutions.

Over the past two decades, we have reached many heights, expanding our capacity in terms of our services portfolio and human resources. As we expanded and diversified, we welcomed new people and ideas into our circle and thus started a unique process of service and growth.  This process of mutual learning from colleagues and clients have contributed to our development as a leading consultancy firm in the Maldives.

Our affiliations and partnerships with international firms and consultants give us an inevitable edge to provide consultancy services to a broad range of projects. These include projects funded by the Asian Development Bank, World Bank, Islamic Development Bank, and various UN and other international agencies.

We have developed a highly competent pool of expertise with a deep local knowledge base. Individually, all the key members of the firm have been engaged in the built environment industry of the Maldives, gaining invaluable experience working in both the public and the private sector at a proficient level.  Our services have expanded extensively into other areas such as socioeconomic research and planning.

We hope to remain as a key contributor in the development of Maldives in bringing positive change in the future.

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