Extension of Male’ Port

Location – Male', K
Client – Ministry of Economic Development and Trade
Project Status – Completed on 2007

The Government of the Maldives intends to develop a new port that will serve as the nation’s principal maritime gateway due to the physical capacity constraint at the current Male’ Commercial Harbor as well as by the imperative to adapt Maldives’ trade and transport patterns to contemporary logistics and distribution opportunities.

Riyan Pte. Ltd., in conjunction with IOS Partners, was tasked with undertaking a study to formulate strategies for the implementation of the new port. The main objective of the studies were:

  • Identify future port requirements to accommodate the increasing trade flows and evaluate the relative suitability of the four development locations
  • Review options for Public – Private Partnerships in project development and operations and present recommendations for future port sector management in the Maldives
  • Consider and propose immediate measures at the current Male’ Commercial Harbor in order to maximize capacity until the new port can be brought on line.
  • Propose a short-term implementation Action Plan.