Risk Assessment of Safe Islands

Location – Kulhudhufushi, Hdh. Funadhoo, Sh. Thulusdhoo, K. Kudahuvadhoo, Dh. Burunee, Th. Gan, L. Villingili, Ga. Thinadhoo, Gdh. Hithadhoo, S. Feydhoo, S.
Client – UNDP
Project Status – Completed on 2007

The general objective of the study was to generate an elaborate disaster risk analysis of 9 islands designated as “Safe Islands” and capture the inter-intra island heterogeneity and issues therein.

Specifically, the study intends to develop a detailed hazard risks analysis and vulnerability assessment of the selected safe islands in a changing environment, present a list of disaster risks and recommend specific mitigation measures to make the islands safer including limits/regulations to expansion in the islands taking into account vulnerabilities of the natural and built environment.